Hey Everyone!

Hi, everyone! I hope everyone is doing okay and holding strong during this pandemic, continuing to wash your hands and stay safe, wearing your mask.

I haven’t been on in a bit I’ve been focusing on my health and school. I had a break yesterday from all the stress, work, xyz.

I really enjoyed my bday yesterday. I’m getting older I didn’t do much but chill at the house go visit a few of my friends and thankful to have a reason to eat some cake and drink soda lol. Here are a few videos to look at that’ll show some of my fun birthday stuff. Thanks for watching an if you haven’t already please subscribe to my channel and like the videos.

I also wanted to let you all know that I will be starting a podcast soon I’m waiting on some important paper work to come back and then I will start. This will be attached to my blog page so it wont be hard for you all to find it. Thanks for the support in advanced and I will most definitely be back soon to make some post for you all just getting things organized on my end. It’s been really stressful for me during this pandemic as soon as I think things are going well something pops up and I have to make drastic changes with my sch. I’m hoping after the next 3/4 mths I’ll be locked in with everything I’m trying to do and will be able to sit down once or twice a week to post for you all. Being stressed keeps my mind so cluttered and posting for you gets put in the back burner because when I most I want to be happy I would never want to be posting with a heavy heart although I have at times it just cause I wanted to spread knowledge during the post. Anyway I love you thanks for reading and watching talk to you soon.

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Birthday fun ❤️🙏 Thank you god for a beautiful day ❤️ – YouTube

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Our New Socials :)

Hey everyone here is all our new social media accounts. I told you all a few mths ago that I was going to get all new social accounts for us but things got in the way I still was posting off and on but we have built a few people so far and I want you all here on wordpress to join in because these is our accounts anyway I just havent been had the writing spirit to even get on and let you all know about it. And again I do apologize but here it is I hope you all follow and like what I’ve posted so far if you want to see something on our page comment below and I’ll make that happen asap XO love yall.

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🙂 By the way get ready for our New look for the tree video and pics will be posted soon 🙂

Kidney Health Foods – New Life – Bullies

Hey Everyone.

Let me first start by saying. I miss yall so much. I have really been going thu the motions. Between keeping a roof over my head during theses hard times dealing with the pandemic, school, health issues I haven’t had anything hap to talk about. I never want anyone that’s following my blog to be sad. So I have to be honest with you all when ever you see me not posting its cause I’m going thu something and I would rather not share it. I’m bouncing back weekly which means I’m getting back to my natural self. Being happy and smiling more all though its still some days I want to sit in my bed and cry because I don’t want to worry about kidneys and struggling to make sure I get al my bills paid. I just have to push thu it and keep going sick or not.

I watch over this video this morning because I made this video yesterday and I cried so bad just now because I got up the energy to smile and try and make this video as fun as I could to show everyone that’s dealing with Kidney issues. We still have a life to live people think when you have a health issue like this your already dead you cant smile anymore you cant joke around anymore you cant drive you cant dance you cant be normal. NO WE STILL HAVE LIFE and if we sit and cry about it everyday and put ourselves in a bubble its only going to get worse true I cried after watching this video for many reason 1 no I don’t want to be going thu this 2 I pray that god keeps me going 3 I am normal and I will get thu this I not about to have nobody making me feel like my life is over because of this 4 I will also not allow people to tell me where is the proof I don’t believe you have kidney issues I would say KMA you pay for the kidney specialist and we both can have proof my regular doctor has all the proof and if you want to call I’ll give you the number better yet go with me to the doctor then we can talk. I refuse to have bullies as “associates” I refuse to deal with anymore trauma in my life. I’ve let a lot of people go out of my life because of what I’m going thru now and if you know you one of the ones and you see this post you know my number and ill tell you straight up you never was a friend. Stop letting people lie on you speak up stop letting people put you down open your mouth and stand up for yourself. Know your worth know that you are beautiful, let them people hate because at the end of the day they have to answer to god about why they going thu so much health issues is going to matter, the pandemic is a sturggle right now for everyone. But if that person was going thru it before the pandemic. They are the problem not you. They need to look at they life and not worry about why god blessing you cause god already know what and how he created you and keep you up for a reason This not your doing this god doing. You are blessed and have what you have because of God NOT YOUR INCOME, NOT YOUR RESORUCES, but a path you lead you to see and thought process. In my new life if its not helping me and lifting me up I don’t want to talk. Period. And I hate to even be nasty in this post because this is about positivity but I want you all to now a few things let go of people that’s no good for you mentally, eat healthy, drink a lot of water, work out even if you have a body type that you feel you have no need to work out, think positive as such as you can. Focus on you the people you know that’s down for you and love you and that you know have your back and has really had your back since you meet them. People you love will pass and its nothing you can do about that but if its anything besides that that’s throwing salt and negativity your way… walk away and continue on with your life in fully positivity. Continue with your goals don’t let NOTHING and I MEAN NOHING stop you from achieving any goal that you want out of life. Ending with you are going to be okay you are normal just as much as the next person if you are going thu any type of health issues. Know that whatever salt people throwing on your name its because they are jelous, cant figure it out or want what you have BEEN BLESSED WITH BY WHOEVER YOU WORSHIP. (I was saying god but yall know what I was saying (whoever you worship) In my light is god), Speak your mind with the up most respect and clear your mind of all negative thoughts and do away with negative people cause you don’t want to end up like me full of anxiety, depression, hurt, pain, confusion. And battling it all because you let people hurt you, disrespect you, lie on you, run over you, not taking care of the inside of your body. But in my new life want you to do what I’m doing right now. Pick yourself up, be strong, address the BS on your name, address the haters with the up most respect all thought they havent been respect to you CAUSE WE BILT LIKE THAT. These people think they know you and dont have a dam* clue about nothing going on with you cause they so caught up in how you moving and what you got. No be a a friend and talk to me while i’m down and give me some good advice. If they not doing that its talk to walk No beef no BS just walk it is what it is AND THIS IS NOT JUST FIENDS FAMILY MEMBERS AS WELL TO MAKE IT SHOWRT IM SAYING FRIENDS PEOPLE my brothers, mom, sister didnt do this to me but I’m sure it people out here in this word that’s dealing with stuff like that. If they cant sit down with you and talk about and yall get down to what’s really the problem then walk cause you still have a life to live and I’m telling you now stress will dam* near kill you along side not eating healthy… Yall remember what I told yall years ago What my mom (Rachel) say you built ford tough. Be the bigger person. Don’t let nothing stop you don’t let nobody walk over you. I was a dumb kid when I was younger wanted to be everybody friend felt like I just had to fit in with everybody had to be cool with everybody. Everybody not for you. Some of these people out here even family members is built to make you feel like you not good enough, you don’t have what it takes, you shouldn’t have this and this …..BABY what GOD already put together for you will be happen regardless. If your body start giving you issues its the body boop…. go to docs figure it out work on to make it better if you can if it gets out of control make sure your the real people around you straight before you leave this earth and know while you was here you (THIS IS FOR THE BUILT FORD TOUGH PEOPLE ONLY) you was the coolest thing walking either if it was by yourself or with 2/3 friends/ family members. Keep growing, keep pushing, keep praying. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.

Love yall and I do apologize for blocking you all out I haven’t forgot about yall I’ve just been up and down so much I didn’t know what to do or how to feel. Here is all our new socials if you want to stay in contact with me and for those that I DONT CONTACT please stay out my business and worry about your own.

XO love you WordPress fam and thank you for having my back since my first post.

Part 1 is mostly about all the good foods

Part 2 will be about both nasty and good foods

and remember please talk to your doctor first about if these foods will be good for you. XO

Movies – Halloween 2020

Here are some good movies for Halloween 2020 I dont really watch Horror movies much Im much of a Hallmark and funny movie type of person but I think I’ve collected up a good list for you all. Enjoy!

Movies can be found on Hulu, Netflix & more! Please search Google on your laptop or your Phone for more information.

The invisible Man


The Grudge


The Turning


The Boy 2




The Call


Death Of Me


Crafty Fun Spooky Treats – Halloween 2020

Social Distance Table…. but I still advise parent’s to please stay at home with your babies. Please! Just put a table out for just in case or on your porch stay at a distance and let your baby stand in the door it sounds crazy but I hate hearing about little kids getting sick from this virus.
I am so here for Jack anything 🙂 If you have been following me for awhile you know I’m sooooooo in love with jack. 🙂

D . I . Y * Good . Old . Times! – Halloween 2020

Yalllllllllllllllll know I love me some DIY…. DIY Everything!!!!! 🙂 In this one I will be showing you all some very creative youtubers that really spiced it up for 2020 Haloween I really enjoyed these videos and I have a lot of cool ideas for decorating my house up some more before Halloween comes to an end. Its okay to add a little more it wont hurt 🙂 BUT this video is also good for people with children because due to the pandemic its not safe this year and pray that this be the last year for the kids not to go out to trick or treat. So get your masks and get some DIY goodies for the babies sit at home eat candy (straight from the market) and watch some movies, fix a big meal with spooky faces and have a good time. Let them know the fun isnt over even if its inside. Be safe yall an enjoy the videos!

UP NEXT: Tasty Halloween Treats 🙂

If you have all white decor in your home this is perfect for you.
I cant believe its Tide lol 🙂